Sunday, August 29, 2010

ideas on how to fight your ticket....

#1 Get a parking ticket (you already must be at this step since you found your way here)
#2 Get angry (optional)
#3 Go to and start a blogger blog like this one Pay Annoying Parking Ticket Blog (, it's free!
#4 Write about your experience getting a parking ticket. Describe your emotions, emotions attract readers! This is your blog post #1. Add some pictures, upload them from your cell phone or digital camera. Here is my original angry post.
#5 Set up your google adsense account at or use one that you already have.
#6 Make sure you put adsense component on the very top of the blog (easy, use the settings link, see how it is done here)
#7 (optional) You can find some useful resources on how to contest, fight, pay parking tickets worldwide and post links in post #2 on your blog. That is what I did in my post #2.
#8 Place some links to your blog on other blogs, see below.
#9 Watch the money roll in !!!

In my experience with this blog the parking ticket will pay for itself in 8 months. Your mileage may vary depending on how many links you put out there on other blogs and web sites. I only put maybe 20-50 links out there in the first two-three weeks after starting a blog. The places where you put your links can be blogs about traffic tickets, parking tickets, parking troubles in various cities, etc. etc. Just do a google search such as "parking ticket blog" or "traffic ticket blogspot" and you will find plenty of places where people talk about parking tickets, and how mad they are about them. This will be your audience. Put your links to your blog there. To make your blog more useful to these folks, make sure you create post number #2 as in #7 above.

Now this is not the end of the money story! Guess what, I get the kind of traffic every single month and it seems to be growing! So I project getting $64 from Google every 8 months or about $8 or more every single month !!! It's a gold mine ;) And I only had 2 (two) posts for 6 months!!!

If YOU want to start YOUR OWN "parking ticket blog", please leave a comment below and include a link to your blog. Thank you!

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